The Tyrolean Restaurant

traditions & cuisine since 1786


It is a place full of warmth and tradition, a stable part of Tyrolian culture throughout the centuries. The “Initiative to Preserve the Culture of Tyrolian Inns” awards places that offer Tyrolian hospitality, that have preserved their originality but are also open to the challenges of modern times.

The trademark “Tyrolian Inn” means gastronomic culture which is regionally rooted and deserves to be kept and led into the future in a committed and affectionate way. We are pleased to be one of the certificated restaurants and not only because of this, we always endeavor to deliver a comfortable, a relaxing and a festive time for our guests.

The “Stub’n” (= dining-rooms) in our “Schanz”

Simply comfortable, a place for nice company, decorated in detail and arranged and set according to our guests’ festivities. We will love to reserve a table for you and to arrange a wonderful meeting.


Here we can seat up to 65 guests, the tables can be arranged flexibly.


Six relatively small for 30-35 guests.

These two typical Tyrolean restaurants (Kathreinistub’n and Bauernstub’n) are situated side by side and deliver with their connecting door a capacity for app. 90 guests.


An extra room next to the entrance, perfectly suitable for smaller groups up to 40 guests.

Our Wirtshaus opening hours

11.30 – 14.00 lunch menu
17.30 – 22.30 (Kitchen open till: 21.00)

Our restaurant is closed on thursdays.

17.30 – 23.30 (Kitchen open till: 21.00)

11.30 – 23.30 (Kitchen open till: 21.00)

11.30 – 20.00 (Kitchen open till: 19.00)