Tradition meets modernity

„Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame“

This quote of Gustav Mahler is like a guideline for our daily business.

On the one hand the history of the „Schanz“ creates the character of our house in a charming way so that we are able to preserve historically grown treasures. On the other hand it is our job as your hosts to include the modern techniques and trends in our offer to increase your wellbeing even more.

Kitchen and cellar stay connected to their traditional roots and consider new elements at the same time, so is vegan food also an aspect in the Tyrolean menu.

In May 2014 we have opened our hotel rooms “Pine”, where we have created a modern hotel comfort with regional materials. In 2017 we have renovated our hotel rooms “Kaiserblick” and created further rooms of the category “Pine”.

Furthermore, we are always focused to improve the sport offer for our guests, so that they can keep moving in our wonderful Tyrolean landscape.