Attractions and destinations

Attractions around the Hotel Schanz

Fortress-city Kufstein

You can see the fortress in Kufstein already from far away. Discover the history and enjoy the great view.

Lake Hechtsee

The lake Hechtsee is just 15 min. by car away from the hotel Schanz and is situated a wonderful mountain landscape. There is also a small walking rout of 2,8 km around the lake.

Haflinger-Museum Ebbs

Directly in front of the impressive walls of the mountain Zahmer Kaiser, in the middle of the meadows around of Ebbs, you will find the Fohlenhof Ebbs, the oldest Haflinger stud farm in the world. One of the farm’s highlights is the museum, which explains the origin of this special horse race.

Riedl Glas in Kufstein

Visit the world-famous company Riedel Glas and dive into the art of glass making in the interactive museum.